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Name:Elias Potter
Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Name: Elias (Eli) Potter
Born: October 10, 1868
Astrological Sign: Libra
Year: Sixth
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Oak and Phoenix Feather
Political Affiliation: Pro-integration, but mentioning the word politics is a sure method for pushing him away. Stick to Quidditch.
Father: Learned Potter, a member of the Wizengamot
Siblings: None
Residence: Godric's Hollow
Future Descendants: James Potter (grandfather), Harry Potter (great-grandfather)


It's quite possible that all Potters past, present, and future are doomed to have messy black hair, and Eli follows the family tradition perfectly. His mother often fusses over his appearance and makes it lay flat with a variety of cosmetic potions, but Eli could never be arsed to go through the ritual daily or even at all. He is lanky and tall, with knobbly knees and unusually light blue - almost gray - eyes. Even from a far distance, they are noticeably bright, especially because Eli tends to express his many exuberant emotions through them.

Because he enjoys pursuits like flying, running, and exploring for hours, his frame is overall quite spare. He doesn't eat entirely enough for his lifestyle, which involves traipsing the woods or secret passages for hours on end, and seems to burn through any food - meat, rice, pudding, pastries - like fire does paper. He has a few minor scars on his body from minor mishaps, but as they are often merely pale on paler, they are not very noticeable. His hands also look more worn than would be expected - or, some may consider, appropriate - for a pureblood of his background.

His mother loves shopping and, lacking a daughter, enjoys dressing up her son. Though Eli generally has learned how to escape the more embarrassing aspects of this mother-son bonding, his wardrobe is an overly-large assortment of blues and grays. When at school, he often leaves 80% of his wardrobe completely untouched for the entirety of his year, sticking to his favorite, most worn clothing.


Even as a young boy, Eli always felt overshadowed by his father. A prominent figure of the Wizengamot and a member of the Wizard's Council, Learned Potter never wasted time reminding his only son that he was destined to succeed his father in these challenging roles; often, these remarks were followed by an exhortation to apply himself further to his studies and to improve his skills as a wizard, to act more like a wizard of prominent blood and respectability, and to grow out of entertainment and low-brow behavior in favor of maturity, class, and both scholarly and political pursuits.

Eli was quickly placed under a rigorous tutor to learn all the necessary skills and knowledge Learned believed a boy of his age, with his mind and in his role, should learn. He studied history and math, critical reading, writing, Latin, and Greek. As he grew older, critical reading became focused on philosophy and law, while history included genealogy and politics. After Eli expressed interest in the subjects, his father employed their groundskeeper to teach him how to hunt and fly, but Learned Potter saw those as merely extracurricular pursuits that ought to be dropped after a certain age in favor of the more cerebral subjects.

Though Eli did have friends his age that he saw on get-togethers his mother often organized - his mother had an active social life that engaged her vivacity despite her very serious husband - his childhood was a fairly lonely one. Surrounded by books, his most common companions were his tutor, a rigorous though positive young individual, and the groundskeeper, an older man with a gruff accent who treated Eli like a son. When his father was particularly harsh on him or when he felt particularly alone, these two paternal figures helped soothe his disappointment and patch his shaky confidence.

Despite his father's attempts to instill a love of learning into Eli, Eli dreamed of becoming an intrepid explorer; he romantically imagined himself living in the wilderness, protecting villages from werewolves or valiantly defending his life and others' from Dark creatures, as far away from the library or the Ministry as possible, in the remote mountain villages where only the most local of governance existed. However, even as a young boy he saw this as impossible, and knew that his future lay in the Wizengamot and Council, so he shelved these fantasies far away in his mind and locked them up. Still, he loved to traipse around the woods with the groundskeeper, loved flying far and fast away from Godric's Hollow until their hamlet was a small speck, loved to hunt in the woods, crouched in the dirt and camouflaged against the trees, and afterwards set up a fire with his groundskeeper and cook and eat their catch with their hands and a simple knife, pretending that they were lost in the middle of the woods and not safely on Potter lands.

When he received his admission to Hogwarts, Eli was excited to explore the new grounds, though he knew he would miss his tutor and groundskeeper. His mother had told him many stories about the castle, how the staircases moved when she didn't expect them and took her to all sorts of magical and mysterious rooms, and Eli was excited to discover them all. Academically, he always considered himself a mediocre student at home - never before had his father smiled openly at his progress, and he had never before compared his academic levels to his peers. He hoped that he would make his father proud by excelling, but he worried that he would sink to the bottom of the barrel. His father was a Ravenclaw and his mother, a Hufflepuff, so Eli had weak loyalties to the Houses before being Sorted. Ultimately, his straight-forward sense of right and wrong, bravery, and strong desire to protect and defend others landed him in Gryffindor quickly.

When he arrived though, he surprised both himself and his teachers with his former knowledge and quick mind; six years of cramming was not worthless in making his brain adept and sharp at learning new material. His open heart, friendliness, and unquenchable desire for adventure drew many students' good rapport and his close friends. He found himself standing up for and defending others - not only his friends, but any student he saw being bullied or harassed - without thinking, and even if he sometimes received the short end of the stick, for he was still young and untrained, he felt like he was doing good. After all, the bullying often stopped, and Eli Potter could take a hex without flinching - right?

With good study habits - Eli could see how his tutoring was helpful - and a strong foundation, he ecstatically brought home full marks and a glowing report. As he waited excitedly for his father's smile, he saw the faintest curve of a lip. Then, "one of your professors says that you often make jokes in class. That's disrespectful. I hope you will act with more maturity in the future." No warmth, no acknowledgment. It shook Eli badly.

Though Eli continued to try and impress his father, he ultimately began to accept that it was impossible. No matter how good he was, how well he scored, he found his father quick to see a fault, nonexistent in his praise, and very intolerant of emotional reactions or the smallest scent of rebellion. Once, after another disappointment, Eli felt his eyes beginning to well up, and his father looked at him with even greater disapproval. "Tears, serving no purpose and achieving no ends, do not belong here."

Eventually, Eli consciously strove not to try and impress his father. The more his father pushed him to gain more political awareness, the more he shut his ears and focused on his simple school life; the more his father wanted him to grow up and become a man, the more Eli clung to his vestiges of boyhood, to walking the Forbidden Forest at night and sleeping under the stars, reveling in his independence and trying not to think about how it would be stripped from him after leaving school. However, he still cannot, and does not want, to truly hurt his family.

As a pureblooded family in the year of 1885, the Potter family is of one mind that, for the sake of the survival of Wizardkind, the integration of Muggle-borns with magical abilities is necessary, at least until a cure is created. Eli himself is more open than his family stance, and volunteers to help orient the new Muggle-borns to Hogwarts and the Wizarding World at large; helping people, guiding them, and leaving home? It was the perfect opportunity. As he sees how Muggle-borns fair in Hogwarts, academically and socially, he will find himself making a firmer stance in the political world that, though relevant, has never personally impacted his privileged life.


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Favorite Spell:
Likes: Exploring, friends who don't see him as his father's son, leading and defending the innocent and underdogs, jerky and other foods that can't be eaten politely
Dislikes: Thinking about the future, people pressuring him about the future, bullies, small talk
Fears: Failing in his future job and embarrassing the family, being trapped, "dying" in the emotional sense
Secrets: Despite his opinionated charisma at school, he is at home quiet, subdued, and - dare it be said - meek. He sees his imminent leaving of Hogwarts and beginning of his new job to be somewhat akin to the death of his youth and individuality.

Eli is a generally affable and easy-going boy, with a strong sense of justice and a penchant for exploration. He is quick to stand up for the underdog, the bullied, and the discriminated, and wears his emotions obviously - painfully obviously - on his face. He is generally highly confident; he won't think twice of challenging someone who is older than him - even if he doesn't have a wand - and he traipses through Hogwart's dark secrets and the Forbidden Forest without fear, even when he should.

Gaining positive feedback from school, and learning more about traversing the school than any other student he knows, has given Eli a surety and confidence that makes him a charismatic leader and difficult boy to discipline. Though he would never harm anyone or cause mischief like the future Weasley twins or his future grandson, he walks Hogwarts as if he has mastered it. Most likely, he won't even know the school's curfews or restrictions. He does what he wants, when he wants it. It doesn't matter that the Forest has been out of bounds since his first year or that climbing the rooftops is most likely against school rules.

He is a seemingly very open individual, expressive with his emotions and trusting. He is wholly incapable of deceit, manipulation or lying, because his face will always express his true emotions. He cannot be charming on command without seeming entirely corny and fake; in fact, he is his most charming when he has no clue anyone is watching or interested. However, he does have his own private life, which he keeps firmly locked up: despite his confidence, he is both afraid and convinced that he will not be able to succeed in his future path following his father. He sees his time at Hogwarts as a last hurrah before being forced to assimilate into the role that has been prepared for him, and does everything within his power to keep his school life as fun, as easy, and as responsibility-free as possible.

No matter how much he dislikes time spent with books, he has been trained to be a hard, relentless worker when the situation calls for it, and a seeker of perfection when he wants to learn a new skill. However, he prefers to practice and study only in private or with his absolute closest of friends, who know his true self and with whom he does not always need to maintain that image and reputation of effortless ease.


Sun in Libra, Moon in Leo: You have a gift for synthesis, for reducing multiple problems to one concept in your mind. With this power for concentration and unification comes a desire for a position of authority. Your Moon and Sun combination makes you a romantic - not in the sentimental sense, but in the sense that you see yourself as a heroic person. You may feel that you are not bound by the laws and dictates of society. This sense of freedom, too, leads you to adventure and to plunge enthusiastically into many escapades. Your proud carriage and dignity support your self-image, but when your sensitive pride is ruffled, you are resentful. Anger is your first reaction to adverse criticism, but when you have calmed down you see the truth of what has been said.

Outwardly you are gay and have a sunny disposition that warms others. This is especially true in love, and you put your whole heart into your affections. Your trusting nature makes you totally unsuspicious of others. You know you are to be trusted, and you view others in the same light. (-


This is a role-playing journal for the game, all_fall_down. Harry Potter and its Wizarding World belong to JKR. Elias Potter is played by Logan Lerman, who is master of his own body. We hope.
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